Check out the Best Bali Honeymoon Destinations here. We have listed the most popular Balinese honeymoon spots from Seminyak and Legian, to Ubud and Jimbaran Bay, but there are others.


Jimbaran Bay and Jimbaran Beach offer the best Bali honeymoon destinations.

Head to the southwest coast of Bali and there you will find Jimbaran Bay. This is unquestionably one of the most romantic and secluded locations on the island.

Jimbaran Beach is a stunning stretch that connects the mainland to the Bukit Peninsula. Honeymoon couples flock here for the exclusivity of the hotel resorts and their stress-free, pampered way of life.

Luxury and five-star is the norm for the lucky few staying here at Jimbaran Bay & Jimbaran Beach.

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Legian Beach is lively and energetic compared to other parts of Bali and is therefore one of the best Bali honeymoon destinations. It has the same flamboyance as neighbouring Kuta, yet hiding pockets of complete calm and tranquility too.

Top-notch hotels dot the ocean front, becoming highly sought after, not just by newly married honeymoon couples, but stylish and discerning travellers too.

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Nusa Dua ranks as one of the best Bali honeymoon destinations. This region is like an exclusive Hollywood neighbourhood occupied by world-class hotel chains, rather than movie moguls. The best hotel brands sit side-by-side, occupying a vast, shared complex. Each property is like a giant estate fronted by perfectly manicured lawns. Together they share an upmarket shopping complex and an 18-hole golf course. It is one of the most developed resort areas in Bali.

For honeymoon couples you win on so many fronts. Beachfront settings, luxury hotels, tranquility and idyllic ocean views with white sandy beaches. Romance is the biggest winner!

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One of the best Bali honeymoon destinations is Seminyak. This location is home to Bali’s most exotic and luxurious resorts. This is where the chic and stylish play. Where honeymoon couples flock for fine restaurants, upmarket shopping and or course, gorgeous boutiques. 

Seminyak is refined elegance and although it is not like the more vibrant Kuta and Legian locations, it does come alive towards sunset. Petitenget Beach is the hub of attraction for cocktail hour and the international dining establishments thereafter.

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At the top of the list for romantic honeymoons is Ubud. The mountains of Bali hold sway to Ubud, the cultural and craft centre of the island. Hundreds or small shops line the streets creating a huge selection of jewellery and textiles and wood carvings. These are filtered to shops throughout the whole island.

Galleries and studios are in abundance, as our other health and wellness retreats. Terraced rice paddies surround the villages and cut a colourful pattern everywhere. Museums, places and waterfalls are close to town.

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Uluwatu is one the most popular honeymoon destinations. It lies on the Bukit peninsula to the South of Bali and offers a tranquil escape that honeymoon couple love. Here you find the famed cliff-top temple overlooking the Indian Ocean and often a host of surfers chasing the world-class surf breaks.

As far as locations and views go, you have the best in Uluwatu. Unsurprisingly, the most exotic hotel resorts are based here, with commanding views, gorgeous restaurants, amazing nightlife and a perfect honeymoon escape. This is the ultimate romantic getaway.

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