BlueSun Travel is a specialist cruise and travel agency based in Perth, Western Australia. 

To learn more About Us, you need to know more about BlueSun Travel as we are 100% Australian owned and one of the most successful boutique travel companies in the country. It is rated as one of the top marine tourism businesses, ranked number one for charter boat bookings and Kimberley Cruises.

BlueSun Travel operates with multiple divisions, tied to it under different names: BlueSun2, Kimberley Boat Cruises, Galapagos Boat Cruises, Best Honeymoon Packages, BlueSun Cruises and of course BlueSun Travel itself. BlueSun Travel provides a full range of services from booking cruises, to flights, hotels, car rentals, rail journeys and package tours, around the world and in Australia.  

We are proudly ATAS accredited by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), an industry scheme that sets a tough benchmark of quality for the entire travel industry.


BlueSun was created in August 2004 and traded under the name of BlueSun2 Pty Ltd. It was contracted as a sales and marketing company to develop and promote Kimberley tourism and in particular one vessel, the Oceaneer. Sales and bookings boomed and the industry started to pay attention to BlueSun2

In 2007, the boat was sold to the Australian government and used for Border Force protection. Almost immediately, BlueSun was approached by other Kimberley boats and charter boat owners. We went from booking one vessel, to working with 35 boats. Within a year, this had increased to nearly 80 charter boats.

BlueSun2 was ranked as the number one charter boat booking agency in West Australia.


Recognising the differences between Perth party boat charters and the uxury cruise market in the Northwest, BlueSun created what is now one of its most succesful divisions: Kimberley Boat Cruises.

Kimberley Boat Cruises promotes every vessel operating in the Kimberley region, from charter boats to cruise ships. Additionally, we offer many tours out of Broome, Derby, Kununurra and Darwin


BlueSun Cruises was a natural progression for BlueSun Travel, as it ventured into the booming international cruise market. We became one of the few preferred Worldwide Cruise Centres, marketing cruises to all desinations worldwide. In keeping with our niche market approach to growth, we focused on the luxury end of the cruise world, for ocean, river and expedition cruises. This included the launch of Galapagos Boat Cruises

In March of 2020, the COVID pandemic hit the world and forced the hibernation of most international cruise operations. BlueSun Crusies was put on ice until now. Behind the scenes, BlueSun Cruises is having a major makeover and expects to relaunch this division with a new look, before the end of 2022. 


With the abilty to market and create online travel content, BlueSun Travel conceived of and created a new division called Best Honeymoon Packages. This provided a new marketing avenue for promoting and selling travel packages aimed specifically at honeymoon couples.  These same holidays could also be repackaged and sold directly through the main BlueSun Travel website too.


The success and growth of BlueSun Travel is based upon its unique skills to target, market, promote and sell the best travel products to Australian travellers. This it achieves by taking a niche market approach and by not trying to be everything for everybody. 

We invest a huge amount of energy in developing relationships with suppliers and stakeholders in the travel industry. This includes direct arrangements with cruise lines, hotels, airlines and tour operators. We also have great relationships with wholesale providers, thus enabling us to be incredibly price competitive for our clients. 

Product knowledge and our ethos of being a voice at the end of the phone, seven days a week, continues to make BlueSun Travel one of the most exciting travel companies in Australia.


  • BlueSun Travel has been in business for nearly 20 years
  • We have moved over 300,000 happy travellers
  • We are ATAS accredited by AFTA
  • A member of the CLIA
  • A member of IATA
  • Telstra Business Awards Finalist (2012)

Why Us?

  • We make travel fun!
  • You always talk to a friendly, knowledgable human voice!
  • Available 7 days a week!
  • Excellent customer service
  • Product knowledge
  • Best available prices
  • No hidden costs

Our Mission

  • To restore faith and trust in the travel industry post COVID
  • To be a voice at the end of the home and not just a computer
  • Avoid using Online Booking Engines and thus keeping more revenue in Australia and in tour operator pockets
  • To go back to old fashioned, personal customer service with human interaction
  • Constantly expand our product knowledge
  • Always acheive the best available prices
  • No hidden costs


BlueSun Travel, one of Australia's most successful specialist cruise marketing companies. We are the number one agency in Australia for Kimberley Boat Cruises and the top charter boat specialist in Western Australia for local boat charters.


BlueSun Travel can help you with international and domestic airfares, to and from most major Australian cities.

Car rentals

Never fear, a car is near! Book your car hire or private transfers thorugh BlueSun Travel at any location we service.


Follow the experts and sleep easy. All our hotel recommendations are based upon first-hand knowledge.


This is what BlueSun Travel is famous for: Ocean, River, Expedition and Speciality cruises worldwide. Great prices and fabulous service.



Through BlueSun Travel we get access to the best honeymoon holidays and packages.